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Equipment Rental

If your baggage transfer  is a problem or you don’t have your own equipment Kite in Athens. Can offer you a big range of kites and boards to choose in order to rent, for all the days you stay in Athens. Our boards and kite range includes all the latest models of Ocean Rodeo kites and Blank Force kiteboards  in all the sizes  that will offer you incredible kite sessions in any condition. An optional material insurance is available to ensure a complete worry-free time on the water!


Insurance is optional and highly recommended. It covers all material damage while riding inside the zones and center opening hours. Attention: Doesn’t cover loss of equipment or damage due to negligence.


High quality, 2013 Ocean Rodeo & BlankForce equipment



2013 Kiteboarding rental Rates

  • Day3 Days7 Days
  • Kite 45€ 120€ 250€
  • Board 25€ 65€ 140€
  • Harness 10€ 25€ 55€
  • Full Set 70€ 190€ 390€