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Kites & Bladders Repairs


The tearing of the kite or the jab of a bladder is something that happens to everyone at some point! An improper repair is something that may hassle you for a long time and make your sessions from an enjoyable experience, a suffering one.


kite-repairThe knows how important role plays the equipment in the sport of kiteboarding and undertsands the stress of athletes for the loss of a windy day! That’s why undertakes to repair any small or large damage with 48 hours!

Bring us your damaged, as bis as the damage is, at our store (Veikou 22, Koukaki)
and you will get it back in 48 hours , professionally repaired!


The is the exclusively distributof of the Kiteaid repair kit if you like to repair your kite by yourself! Differently we can repair it by using a sewing machine with professional 3 stitches Zig Zag ability with the best threads and taps guarantee a certain result Lifetime.


Also, we can guarantee for the effective repair of the Bladder however small or large is the damage! A leaking bladder can not only deprive you of a session but can easily turn into a nightmare! A deflated kite except that it does not fly properly is usually impossible to take off from the water. So do not leave your kite to lose no more air.


Repair Cost…

  • ΖημιάΚόστοςΕλάχιστη ΧρέωσηΧρόνος
  • Πανί 0,4€/Εκ. 25€ 48Ω
  • Leading Edge/ Stut 1€/Εκ. 40€ 48Ω
  • LE Bladder 40€ 48Ω
  • Struts Bladder 20€ 24Ω
  • Valves 15€ 24Ω
  • Πλύσιμο/Στέγνωμα 10€